Jes Rogers Photography

Welcome to my photography blog, my name is Jessica I have been taking photos for quite a few years now and have studied a bit at school and tafe, I am hoping to become a professional photographer, but in the mean time i just take photos around my house and of family and friends, I hope you enjoy :D and feel free to reblog any of my stuff

Jes Rogers Photography

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Haydn Stevens (Composer)

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Steel Wool Light Painting Black and White
Steel Wool Light Painting 2
Steel Wool 
mialovescats: I love your photography, very nice editing!! I actually wanted to be a national geographic photographer but I've decided to do dental hygiene instead but I haven't gotten started yet but photography is my hobby and passion,I'm in love with capturing that perfect moment in time only you can snap! :D How'd you get started?

Thank you! 2 years ago I had to choose an extra class to study for year 11 and I figured because I liked photography that it would be a good course for me, then when I started the course my photography teacher made me realize that I could turn my life long passion into a career so I’ve been working my way to that ever since.

Anonymous: Love your photographs. You are very talented!

Thank you 

A Husband’s Love
cikimages: You have some incredible photos! Where do you study?

Thank you, I am going to be studying at Central Institute of Technology in Perth Western Australia.

Photography Prints for Sale!!

17. January 2013

I have recently put some of my photographs up for sale on so if you are interested and If you get any spare time please check out my prints I have for sale at